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Coffee history

We are well used nowadays to various eccentricities and are not even making effort to understand them; reduced attention has made us believe that all essential things have already been discovered. It may as well be so, after all, someone invented the bicycle, we only need a few seconds to light a fire and decayed tooth does not demand drastic actions. Imagine to be sitting on a rock in the country, chewing a hay straw, watching flock of sheep, gazing on a nearby pasture. All of a sudden three members of a flock would come running, lively leaping, overturning; giving an impression life is great. Would you be surprised?

Once upon a time in the province of Kaffa, today known as Ethiopia, a young shepherd found sheep dancing with abandoned glee near a shiny, dark-leafed scrub that caused the sheep eccentric behaviour. He did follow their lead and tried the berries by himself. This discovery placed him next to other famous scientifics and researchers Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, etc.The rest is a history. Coffee timeline >>>