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Coffee and health

It had been held truth for decades that coffee is unwholesome. Researches have tried to implicate coffee in birth defects, cancer, increased blood pressure and other health problems. Nowadays that is far from the truth, since on the positive side, coffee has many affirmative effects. No wonder, since development of medical science and research methods evolves with the speed of light. That is why we can enjoy three or four cups of that delicious drink a day, which proved it useful.

So, which are those benefits?

It is widely known that coffee's main biological active substance is alkaloid caffeine. Caffeine has been the centre of scientific attention, but we should not forget of other substances like flavonoids and anti-oxidants, protecting the body against free radical damage, resulting from the various external or internal factors.

You may find some positive effects, caused by either caffeine or other substances below. Those may:

  1. lower the risk of colon cancer by about 25 percent
  2. lower the risk of kidney stones and gallstones
  3. reduce onset of attacks among asthma sufferers by about 25 percent
  4. prevent from cirrhosis of the liver
  5. prevent from skin cancer
  6. even prevent from Parkinson's disease has recently been discovered
  7. improve mood and concentration.

Majority of numerous researches has proven positive effects of coffee and annulled disadvantageous ones respectively. You may find some results of scientific researches on the following page list of researches on coffee impact on health >>>